Queen’s University was, for many years, the only Canadian school to compete as a full member of the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA).

The competitive team in the 1970’s was quite successful in the American circuit and in 1976-1977 and 1978-1979, Queen’s Sailing team member Terry McLaughlin was awarded All-American status (Terry is the only sailor from a non-American school to ever receive this award).

Interest in sailing completely faded in the 1980’s, mainly because the team didn’t own any boats.

In 1992, a group led by John Curtis, Ian Eskritt, and Tommy and Tanya Wharton reignited the idea of having a Queens Sailing Team.

The late Dr Rudy Kalin was instrumental in helping students navigate so it could become established as an official team at Queen’s.

Past KYC Commodore Ted Ison was a Queen’s Alumni and Faculty advisor for many years (1996?-X), and blew many whistles especially in the early years of the team.

In 1993 the team became a member of MAISA (Mid-Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association), thereby qualifying to race in this division of the American Intercollegiate circuit. At that time MAISA included 37 schools spanning from Kingston to Norfolk, Virginia.

Long term goals set out in 1993 included: developing a racing team, holding practices, developing a recreational learn-to-sail program for the students and faculty of Queen’s University, promoting collegiate racing in Canada, attracting competitive sailors to attend Queen’s, and most importantly, buying boats to facilitate these goals.

Throughout the early ‘90’s the team was an AMS club, receiving $2,500 yearly in funding. It was unaffiliated with Queen’s Athletics.

In 1995, Queen’s Athletics invited the sailors to become a club team and receive $5,000 every year, as well as rental cars for road trips. Since this time, Queens Sailing has received funding as a competitive club.

The Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association (CICSA) began in 2011 thanks to the hard work of QST Alum Landon Gardner (Sci ‘10). The QST hosted and placed 1st at the inaugural Team Race Nationals. The team also won the first CICSA Fleet Race Nationals, hosted by McGill.

Notable Results


  • 1st SYWOC World Student Keelboat Championships, in La Rochelle, France (Daniel Sheedy, Connor Mackenzie, Claire Boileau, Clifton Kartner, Adrienne Gaudreault, Sam Thompson, Will Jones, Denby McDonnel).
  • 1st CICSA National Keelboat Championships, for the second year in a row (Sam Thompson, Adrienne Gaudreault, Connor MacKenzie, Daniel Sheedy, and Will Jones).
  • 1st CICSA National Team Racing Championships, for the sixth year in a row (Zac Baum, Max Willms, Max Vos, Hugo Mathiesen, Josh Yale, and Jeffrey Morris).


  • 1st CICSA National Team Racing Championships, for the fifth year in a row
  • 1st CICSA National Fleet Racing Championships, for the third year in a row and fourth time in five years.
  • 1st CICSA National Keelboat Championships


  • 1st CICSA National Team Racing Championships, for the fourth year in a row, hosted by RMC. (Team TBA)
  • 1st CICSA National Fleet Racing Championships, for the second year in a row and third time in four years, hosted by Queen’s. (Team TBA)
  • 2nd At the Kennedy Cup, the ICSA Keelboat Championship. (Clifton Kartner, Samuel Thompson, Sean Magee-Saxton, Will Jones, Daniel Sheedy, Jack Breislin, Connor MacKenzie, and Nicholas Wright).
  • Queen’s Sailing is honoured by Sail Canada (November Sailor of the Month).


  • 1st CICSA National Team Racing Championships, for the third year in a row, hosted by McGill. (Nick Schwenger, Flurry Hogg, Greg Clunies, David Kagan, Zac Baum, and Sam Thompson)
  • 1st CICSA National Fleet Racing Championships hosted by Queen’s. (Greg Clunies, Flurry Hogg, Peter Soosalu, Mac Morrin)


  • 1st CICSA National Team Racing Champions hosted by Queen’s. (Oliver Blake, Nicole Czegledy, Roby Douglas, David Kagan, Arielle Morgan, Matt Reeves, Nick Schwenger, Will Schwenger, Mathew Sullivan, Paul Throop)


  • 1st CICSA National Team Racing Championships hosted by Queen’s. (Team members?)
  • 1st CICSA National Fleet Racing Championships hosted by McGill. (Team members?)


  • 2nd MAISA single-handed championships (Evert McLaughlin)


  • Nathan Cowan is posthumously awarded the ICSA student leadership award.


  • Queen’s Sailing is ranked no. 1 in North America. Our #1 ranking was a result of winning the trifecta of the 3 Maisa Fall Champs – Singles, Sloops and Dinghy.
  • 2nd ICSA single-handed championships (George Griswold Trophy) (Bernard Luttmer)
  • 1st War Memorial MAISA fall dinghy championship. (Bernard Luttmer & Sam Cox + Oskar Johansson & Ben Remocker)
  • 1st MAISA sloop championships. (Oskar Johansson, Nathan Cowan, Bernard Luttmer, Gordon Cook)
  • 1st MAISA single-handed championships (Oskar Johansson)
  • Bernard Luttmer and Oskar Johansson are awarded ICSA All-American Honorable Mention.


  • 1st and 2nd ICSA single-handed championship (Glenn Foster Trophy & George Griswold Trophies); (Oskar Johansson & Bernard Luttmer)
  • 1st MAISA single-handed championships (Bernard Luttmer)


  • 1st MAISA single-handed championship (Monica Dingle)


  • 1st ICSA single-handed championship (Glenn Foster Trophy); (Marty Essig)
  • Marty Essig is awarded ICSA All-American, Honorable Mention.


  • 1st MAISA singlehanded championships (Marty Essig)


  • Terry McLaughlin is awarded ICSA All-American.


  • Terry McLaughlin is awarded ICSA All-American.

Other Results


  • 11th Championnat Du Monde Voile Match Racing held in Nice, France. Queen’s is the top North American boat at the event. (Team members?)


  • Queen’s Sailing scores a bullet in a race at the Student Yachting World Championships in France. (Team members?)


  • 7th ICSA single-handed championships (Evert McLaughlin)


  • 6th 2007 Student Yachting World Cup (crew?)


  • 1st Navy Laser open (Bernard Luttmer)
  • 2nd Truxtun Umstead (Oskar Johansson, Kyla Brown, Bernard Luttmer, Gordon Cook, Trevor Hamilton, others?)
  • 3rd Admiral Moore (Bernard Luttmer, Eryn, Oskar Johansson, Kyla Brown)
  • 3rd MAISA single-handed championships (Bernard Luttmer)
  • 4th ICSA single-handed championships (Oskar Johansson)


  • 1st Navy Fall Intersectional D Division (Oskar Johansson)
  • 2nd MAISA single-handed championships (Oskar Johansson)

Queen’s Sailing Alumni at the Olympics

  • Terry McLaughlin (1979) Silver medalist in the Flying Dutchman class at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
  • Martin Ten hove (1982) Sailed in the 1984 Los Angeles Games in the 470 class.
  • Gord MacIquham (1984) Sailed in the 1988 Seoul Olympics in the 470 class.
  • John Curtis (1990) Sailed in the Tornado class in the 2004 Olympic Summer Games in Athens.
  • Marty Essig (1999) Finished 24th in the Laser Class at the 2000 Olympic Summer Games in Sydney.
  • Ben Remocker (2001) Sailed 49er class at the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing, ranked 14th. Coach at the 2012 Olympics (London).
  • Katie Abbott (2002) Placed 13th in the Women’s Three person keelboat class at the 2008 Beijing Summer Games.
  • Gordon Cook (2002) Sailed 49er class at the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing, ranked 14th. Sailed 49er at the 2012 Olympics (London), ranked 16th.
  • Oskar Johansson (2002) finished 4th in the Tornado class at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Finished 15th in the Tornado class at the Athens Olympics in 2004.
  • Bernard Luttmer (2003) Laser Class at the 2004 Athens Olympics, ranking 29th.
  • Tommy Wharton (1995) Coach at the 2004 Olympics (Athens), 2008 Olympics (Beijing).
  • Danielle Dube (2008) Sailed Laser Radial in the London Games of 2012, ranked 27th.
  • Greg Douglas (2012) Sailed Laser for Barbados in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, placing 30th. Sailed Finn for Canada in the 2012 Olympics in London, placing 15th.

Boats and Sails

  • Prior to 1996: Sailors used club Nutshells or their own boats.
  • 1996: Eight Flying Juniors are bought by QST in 50% partnership with KYC. Most of these boats are still in service.
  • 2000?: CORK donates 8-sets of team-racing sails to KYC and Queen’s Sailing.
  • 2006: 10 Vanguard 420s were bought in 50% partnership with KYC and deployed in 2007.
  • 2014: 10 Vanguard 420s, same vintage as the original-10, are purchased from the US Naval Academy, in 50% partnership with KYC.
  • 2014: University Suites donates 20-sets of 420 sails to the Queen’s Sailing Team.


  • 1997: Martin Shaw
  • 2001: John Curtis
  • 2007: John Morgan
  • 2009-10: Kate MacLennan
  • 2010-11: Vaugh Harrison
  • 2011-12: Stephen Waldie
  • 2012-13: Max St Maurice
  • 2013-16: Rob Frost
  • 2016-17: Dannie Boyd and Arielle Morgan
  • 2017-18: James Rountree

Other coaches at events have included: Tommy Wharton (1999), Erika Vines (1999), Andrew McEwen

Queen’s Sailing Team MVP (Nathan Cowan Trophy)##

  • 2001-2002: Ben Remocker
  • 2002-2003: Mark Wheeler
  • 2003-2004: Mark Wheeler
  • 2004-2005: Corey Lynam
  • 2005-2006: Corey Lynam
  • 2015-2016: Sean Magee-Saxton

Team Presidents

Year Name
1992-93 John Curtis
1993-94 John Curtis
1994-95 Lars Leckie
1995-96 Tommy Wharton, Mike Kalin
1996-97 Jenn Watt, Anne Byers
1997-98 Erika Vines
1998-99 David Pearson
1999-00 Andrew McEwen
2000-01 Oskar Johansson
2001-02 Ben Remocker
2002-03 Sarah Bury
2003-04 Mark Wheeler
2005-06 Dan Smith
2006-07 Nick Kaars-Sijpesteijn
2007-08 Seth Whitmore
2008-09 Seth Whitmore
2009-10 Josh Brown
2010-11 Corbin Lott
2011-12 Will Schwenger
2012-13 Arielle Morgan
2013-14 Mac Morrin
2014-15 Alex Smyth
2015-16 Clifton Kartner
2016-17 Victoria Restivo and Simone Larose
2017-18 Christina Black and Zac Baum