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23 September 2018

Big wins at Fall CORK, McMaster, and McGill

By Christina Black, Leo Shebib, Miles Lambert

Fall CORK 2018 Laser Podium: Liam Bruce , Matti Maru, and Justin Norton (QST Alum '13).
Fall CORK 2018 Laser Podium: Liam Bruce , Matti Maru, and Justin Norton (QST Alum '13).
2018 McMaster Invitational winners:  Natalie Tanczak, Maggie MacDonald, Nick Langhorne, and Christina Black.
2018 McMaster Invitational winners: Natalie Tanczak, Maggie MacDonald, Nick Langhorne, and Christina Black.

Queen’s Sailing was busy this weekend winning at Fall CORK, winning the McMaster Invitational, and winning the McGill Invitational regattas.

Fall CORK, full podium!

At Fall CORK, single handed sailors Matti Maru, James Juhasz, Leo Shebib, Noah Collinson, Clara Gravely, and Liam Bruce made Queen’s proud. In Laser Full Rig, Matti came 1st, QST Alum Justin Norton in 2nd, Liam in 3rd, Noah in 8th, James in 9th and Leo in 13th in a fleet of 16 boats. In Laser Radial, Clara was 8th in a fleet of 55.

Saturday brought wind from the northeast, which was subject to many shifts and puffs, but generally very light. Gusts followed large lulls, bringing the fleet in tight, where focus and awareness were vital to success. Queen’s sailors placed sporadically between the two races due to the unpredictable nature of the wind.

Sunday started in a similar manner, with frequent puffs and shifts, becoming more consistent by the end of the day. In Races 3 and 4, conditions mirrored that of the first two races, but the change to a southern breeze meant that by Race 5, the wind was more consistent in direction and speed with puffs strong enough to hike lightly in. Congratulations to Matti Muru and Liam Bruce for placing top three, as well as to our rookies Leo Shebib and Noah Collinson for their showing this regatta.

Fall CORK Laser results here

McMaster Invitational, first place!

This weekend, four Queen’s sailors competed at McMaster for a two-day light wind regatta. Amazing first regatta for rookies Maggie MacDonald and Nick Langhorne, winning the event alongside vets Natalie Tanczak and Christina Black.

Tricky wind conditions made for a challenging event, but the Gaels pulled through to win 8 out of 12 races, ending the weekend with a 16 point lead over the 2nd place team.

Scores here

Rank School Score
1 Queen's University 17
2 Royal Military College 32
3 University of Toronto 36
4 Wilfrid Laurier University 47
5 McMaster University 49

McGill Invitational, first place!

The McGill Invitational saw rookies Ben Stevens, Margret Wilkins, Aryah Kozuch and Cam Wallace compete in their first ever Queen’s regatta, and they did not disappoint! Despite the skilled competition, the full rookie team managed to come in first place.

Here is their report:

A Tale of Four Rookies

Our story begins with Margret the magnificent, Ben the beautiful, Aryeh the awesome and Cam the cunning, who embarked on a valiant quest to defend the dignity of Queen’s and preserve our winning record at McGill's invitational regatta.

Entering the regatta us rookies were nervous, yet eager to prove ourselves. Our first point of contact was with a violent rainstorm, forcing us to don our sailing gear and meet our Uber outside the bus stop. This was an exciting start to an exciting weekend. Our billets, Adele, Nick, Adrian, and Anna, were amazing hosts. Mainly, they won their way to our hearts by baking us bread and treating us to premium olive oil and balsamic.

Saturday we began by scoping the race course; we discovered a strong current and uneven, shifty winds. We quickly realized on the water that our normal line holding strategy would not work in this violent current. Without the guidance of a coach, we worked together and figured out how to start off the line clean! Out of eleven boats, us rookies finished with top three results all day. On land Margaret was faced with an angry wasp attack, leaving her tongue swollen and hindering skipper/crew communication. Meanwhile on the water, Aryeh and Ben encountered yelling from competitors but Ben’s official Queen's speed goggles/ sunglasses™ and buff combination intimidated everyone and lead them to their first bullet of the day! Feeling jealous, Cam and Margaret got a bullet on their next rotation.

After an eventful first day, these tired rookies commuted on their hour-long metro ride home and found a fantastic poutine restaurant. After a fascinating lecture lead by Margaret about the importance of REM cycles we got a great sleep, dreaming about conquering the day ahead.

Sunday started out with a delicious Uber Eats McDonalds breakfast and some awesome squad pics. Cam and Margaret discovered extreme high and low pressure on the race course and adjusted their sail controls to stay the speediest on the course. The day went off without a hitch, with the only flaw in an otherwise other-worldly experience being the inconsistent power ups due to current. Cam was aggressively British as usual, only dropping the tiller once during a mark rounding! After a successful day filled with bullets from both A and B fleet, we were given the great news that we had won the regatta!!

Ecstatic and proud, us rookies happily took their hour long commute back to our billet’s house. Upon arriving at the house, Aryeh realized that he forgot all his gear at the club in a trash bag; we’re hoping he gets it back #prayforaryeh gofundme link for new gear may be linked below. After saying their goodbyes, we boarded their megabus and hit the road for a three hour bus ride/homework catch up/nap. All in all, us rookies had an excellent first collegiate regatta experience and are excited for the next one to come!

Here are the McGill Invitational results:

Rank Team Points
1 Queen’s 53
2 Polyvalente 54
3 McGill 59
4 UNB 59
5 McMaster 69
6 Concordia 70
7 RMC 100
8 U of T 111
9 Dalhousie 129
10 ETS 145
11 Laurier 208
12 Ottawa U 208

Up Next

Next weekend, our Gaels will be hosting the Can/Am Cup, a home event where they will be competing against the best sailors in Canada and the US, looking to dominate the waves, and the competition.