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30 September 2018

Big wins at CanAm and Syracuse

By Scott Gittens, Josh Yale, and Miles Lambert

CanAm Cup: Scott Gittens and Marc de Verteuil.
CanAm Cup: Scott Gittens and Marc de Verteuil.
Cazenovia Fall Open: Michael Montagnese, Sophie Carter, Lauren Sullivan, Josh Yale.
Cazenovia Fall Open: Michael Montagnese, Sophie Carter, Lauren Sullivan, Josh Yale.
2018 CICSA Keelboat Nationals: Rachel Harris, Ciaran Beveridge, William Hodson-Walker, Adrienne Gaudreault, Iain Doran Des-Brisay.
2018 CICSA Keelboat Nationals: Rachel Harris, Ciaran Beveridge, William Hodson-Walker, Adrienne Gaudreault, Iain Doran Des-Brisay.

Queen’s U Sailing had another busy weekend, with members of our team competing in highly competitive regattas and placing extremely well

CanAm Cup

On September 29th and 30th, Queen’s Sailing Team hosted the CANAM Cup, where universities from the Canadian and American leagues could compete together.

The Gaels were represented by two teams; with Gaels 1 being Scott Gittens, Marc de Verteuil, Cam Wallace and Aryeah Kozuch and Gaels 2 being: Benjamin Stevens, Maggie Macdonald, Emma Schincariol and Hailey Schincariol.

The two days of racing saw medium to high winds on the first day and very light wind on the second day.

Gaels 2, consisting of all rookies, was able to pull off a 7th place finish at the end of the regatta with a number of good scores in individual races.

Gaels 1 managed to take the win with a 35-point lead and retain the championship after winning a large portion of the races.

Congratulations to Concordia and MacMaster who placed second and third in the regatta, and thanks to the other schools for coming out to compete.

Scroll down to see full CanAm Cup results, or see them as presented on

Cazenovia Fall Open

In addition to CANAM, Queen’s Sailing Team attended the Cazenovia Fall Open in Syracuse, NY. Both days of the regatta consisted of shifty and cold sailing conditions.

Saturday saw South Westerly breeze, which filled in quite shifty making staying in phase the most important part of the races.

On Sunday Cazenovia lake filled in from the West, which made the course much closer to land and making staying in pressure important.

Going into the regatta the team was nervous of what to expect, but was reassured by Coach Jon Ladha’s advice to “Plan for the future and learn from the past, but winning only happens in the present” - advice for us to be aware and attentive of everything and ready for anything.

The A fleet team, consisting of Josh Yale (Skipper) and Michael Montagnese (Crew), had their sailing skills put to the test when they were forced out of their comfort zones by having to sail Flying Juniors (FJ’s). Despite having minimal experience in the FJ, the team successfully managed to apply their past sailing knowledge to the new boat and finished the first day in the lead.

The B fleet team, consisting of Lauren Sullivan (Skipper) and Sophie Carter (Crew), raced in the 420s and did not hesitate to fight to put themselves in the lead by a large margin. Going into day 1 both teams listened carefully and applied Coach Dave Mori’s advice to “sail consistently as you cannot win a regatta on the first day, but you can certainly lose it”. Concluding the first day, the girls managed to finish with 8 bullets while the boys had 5. Both teams won their respective fleets, putting the overall team in first.

Sunday both teams felt confident with their lead, and listened to Coach Mori’s advice to “keep doing what you’re doing”. The team is really happy with their performance, and it showed!

The team would like to thank Syracuse University and the Willowbank Yacht Club for the incredibly well-run regatta, as well as Coach Mori for coming out to the regatta with us!

Full scores here.

CICSA Keelboat Nationals

Queen’s had a challenging regatta in Bronte for CICSA Keelboat Nationals. On Saturday, wind conditions were variable. The morning started off with 12-15 knots of wind and shifty with it dying down to 7 knots later in the day. Out of the 5 races on Saturday, Queens placed second in two of them. The team was able to control the starts by dominating the favoured end of the line. However, their up-wind boat speed was not as good as the top boats in the fleet. At the end of the day on, the team was tied for third.

Queens had high hopes for Sunday but unfortunately it proved to be another challenging day for the team. Conditions were light and oscillating. The team struggled with the tough wind conditions. The sailors had a couple good legs of the race however did not get the results they were looking for in order to move them into a podium position. Although the final results were disappointing, the regatta was a good learning experience and the team was able to identify some key areas to focus on for training and future events.

Full results here.

Rank Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
1 University of Toronto 1 1 1 (3) 3 1 1 1 9
2 HEC Montréal 2 2 (5) 4 4 2 3 2 19
3 Royal Military College (4) 4 3 1 2 3 4 3 20
4 University of New Brunswick (5) 3 4 5 1 4 2 4 23
5 Queen's University 3 (5) 2 2 5 5 5 5 27

2018 CanAm Cup Results

Gaels 1B3442424124
Paladins 2B65896551256
6U TorontoA55891192150
True Blue 2B71051384121069
Gaels 2B472141189964
9U TorontoA13DNS1275643
True Blue 1B15DNS659DNS7785
11Royal MilitaryA107131415141413100
Paladins 1B83DNS43DNS61171
12Webb InstituteA9151111121071186