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17 September 2016

NY Maritime Fall Open, Shields Trophy, and McMaster Invitational

By Jeffrey Morris

NY Maritime Fall Open: Andrew Faurschou, Max Willms, Matti Muru, and Iain Doran-Des Brisay.
NY Maritime Fall Open: Andrew Faurschou, Max Willms, Matti Muru, and Iain Doran-Des Brisay.
Shields Trophy, doing very well here!
Shields Trophy, doing very well here!
Shields Trophy crew, left to right: Adrienne Gaudreault, Will Jones, Clifton Kartner, Connor MacKenzie, Denby McDonnell, Max Vos, and Cole Robertson.
Shields Trophy crew, left to right: Adrienne Gaudreault, Will Jones, Clifton Kartner, Connor MacKenzie, Denby McDonnell, Max Vos, and Cole Robertson.

NY Maritime Fall Open (SUNY Maritime College)

In their second weekend of racing, members of the Queen’s Sailing dinghy team found success at SUNY Maritime College.

Day one challenged the sailors, Matti Muru, Iain Doran-Des Brisay, Andrew Farshou, and Max Willms, with light shifty winds. The Queen’s sailors found the front of the fleet early, sitting in third overall after the first day. B-fleet team Andrew Faurshou and Max Willms started slow, but managed to consistently improve throughout the day. Rookie sailors Matti Muru and Iain Doran-Des Brisay surpassed all expectations by leading A-fleet after day one, winning three of eight races that day!

The sailors spent their Saturday night in Times Square and exploring the city. According to Matti Muru, Shake Shack delivered the best burger experience of his life - quite a bold statement! Day two brought steadier winds and a great deal of current to the race course. The B-fleet team scored consistent results throughout the day, maintaining their sixth place position in their fleet. A-fleet’s Matti and Iain struggled to get off the start line and payed the price with inconstant results. Matti and Iain finished second in A-fleet, only losing to the experienced Georgetown University in the very last race.

Other than a low quality windshield wiper, and a questionable aroma in the Quality Inn third floor, travel and accommodations were exemplary. The road trips to and from New York featured plenty of Andrew Faurshou’s favourite Taylor Swift, making for a very exciting (and long) car ride.

Overall the NY Maritime Fall Open was a success for Queen’s Sailing; it is clear that these rookies have lots of potential. Sailors head back to practice this week before heading to Geneva, New York next weekend for the North Fall regatta. North Fall is an important event as it is a qualifier for the WAR memorial regatta, which is a team goal to attend. Keep up to date with our performance by checking our social media pages regularly!

Full scores here.

Shields Trophy Regatta (US Naval Academy)

This weekend, 8 sailors from the Queen’s Sailing Team travelled to the US Naval Academy for their first keelboat regatta of the season.

The weekend started with a practice day on Friday, where the team reacquainted themselves with the Navy 44 and got to enjoy some fantastic Annapolis weather.

Racing started in light winds on Saturday and the team struggled to find their footing in the first two races in tricky wind and current. Boat speed was found to be lacking compared to the competition and after race 2 the boat was thoroughly checked to ensure the propeller was properly stowed and all the sail controls were properly set. Race 3 started off well and the team bounced back to get a second. Saturday finished with another strong second in race 4.

Sunday brought a small increase in wind and some beautiful sailing conditions. Race 5 was a hard fought battle between the top boats and Queen’s fought to earn a third place after some close quarters racing. The last race of the regatta was slow to start with two false starts before it finally got away. Queen’s judged their speed and distance well to the line, winning the start after 4 boats were over the line early. The team never looked back and led the whole way round the race course with a strong victory to finish the event.

The team of Will Jones, Max Vos, Denby McDonnell, Dan Sheedy, Sam Thompson, Adrienne Gaudreault, Cole Robertson, and Connor MacKenzie ended with a third place finish for the event, with only one point separating them from second place. Everyone was happy that they stayed positive through some tough early races and fixed their problems to get a podium result.

The team would like the thank the US Naval Academy for running another high quality event and look forward to the next event there in October!

Full scores here.

McMaster Invitational Regatta (McMaster University)

On Friday, September 16, Maura Condon, Kathryn Minkhorst, Morgan Gregg, and Scott Gittens drove to Hamilton, Ontario for the McMaster Invitational Regatta. We arrived Friday evening at a house off of Main St. in Hamilton, where we would be billeting for the weekend thanks to the McMaster teams’ hospitality.

On Saturday morning, we made our way to the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, after some directional difficulty due to the many one way streets in Hamilton, and quick Starbucks break. The yacht club offered lots of covered seating outside and a bar/restaurant with lots of options for lunch! On the water, it was gusty as well as overcast and raining most of the day, with the wind anywhere from 8 to 20 knots. Due to some weather delays, we were only able to complete 2.5 rotations in the morning, with Queen’s sitting out for the last half rotation. Despite the weather, Scott and Maura got straight bullets in all their races in B fleet, with Kathryn and Morgan sailing around the middle of the pack for most races in A fleet. After a wet day the team dried off and headed to The Bean Bar, in the downtown area for a delicious dinner, that we would recommend to anyone visiting the McMaster area.

On Sunday, the weather was mostly sunny, although the wind was lighter, varying from 5-10 knots in the morning and building a bit in the afternoon. The team sailed well all day to finish off the regatta and securing our place in first overall for the weekend. Special shoutout to the rookies Morgan Gregg and Scott Gittens for a great performance at their first collegiate regatta!