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14 December 2014

December 2014 Alumni Newsletter

Hello Queen's Sailing Alumni and Friends

We've added 10 boats to our fleet of Club 420s, for a total of 20 boats.
We've added 10 boats to our fleet of Club 420s, for a total of 20 boats.
We've added 20-sets of new sails. Now we can train a bigger team, and host bigger and better competitions.
We've added 20-sets of new sails. Now we can train a bigger team, and host bigger and better competitions.


• Queen’s Sailing Team named the Sailor Of The Month by Sail Canada • 10 New Boats making a 20 boat fleet • Sponsors donate 20 sets of new sails • Queen’s Sailing places second at College Sailing’s Big Boat National Championship • QST 4-time champions of CICSA Team Racing Nationals • Reconnect with QST • Donate to QST too! •

We Have Great News: Ten New Boats

In partnership with KYC, we have purchased 10 additional used Vanguard 420s from the US Naval Academy.

So our 420 fleet is now 20-boats strong! This means our team’s capacity is effectively doubled, and we can host major fleet and team-racing regattas and championships.

The team quickly put the large fleet to good use by hosting the first annual Can/Am Cup on Oct.4-5th. This was the largest regatta ever hosted by Queen’s, and the largest collegiate regatta ever held in Canada, with 17 American and Canadian Schools competing for the Cup! With large waves and strong winds of 25 knots, gusting up to 33 knots on Saturday, Queen`s finished in 3rd, narrowly missing first place because of an OCS. More details and results found here!

More Great News: A Significant Sponsorship

With a generous new sponsor, University Suites, led by three amazing QST Alumni Bernard Lutmer, Oscar Johanson, and AJ Kielty, we can purchase new sails for the whole 20-boat fleet!

Their commitment to excellence in their studies and to sailing while at Queen’s was second to none. Oskar and Bernard continued their commitment to excellence in sailing after graduating - attending the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 and again in 2008 in Beijing for Oskar. Now all three of them with young families and growing business interests continue to set the bar very high.

The QST looks forward to the challenge of returning to the #1 ranking in MAISA that QST enjoyed when these Alumni were sailing for Queen’s.

QST Named Sailor Of The Month

Queen’s Sailing is named Sailor of the month by Sail Canada! The organization is recognizing QST’s accomplishments, highlighting its lead in college sailing in both dinghy and keel boat competitions! Read more about it here.

This Issues’s Feature

Three Close Friends Who Continue to Give Back to Queen’s

Know who's awesome? These guys: QST alumni AJ Keilty, Oskar Johansson, and Bernard Lutmer are responsible for making our badly needed new sails happen.
Know who's awesome? These three guys: QST alumni AJ Keilty, Oskar Johansson, and Bernard Lutmer are responsible for making our badly needed new sails happen.

One of the major benefits for any Queen’s University alum, is the life-long friends you meet and keep. When those friendships also forge a successful business relationship, it is a truly special bond.

That’s the case for Oskar Johansson, Bernard Luttmer and A.J. Keilty, who attended Queen’s in the late ‘90’s/early 2000’s. They and close friend Nathan Cowan, built Queen’s into such a sailing power on the U.S. Collegiate Circuit at one point Queen’s was ranked #1 in North America, the only time in history that a Canadian Team held this honour.

Now heading the new Kingston condominium project, University Suites, the three friends continue to give back to Queen’s as it is now sponsoring the Queen’s Sailing Team and buying them sails for this season and many seasons to come.

“We used to take old sails out of the garbage of U.S. schools back in the day because supplies were tight and funding was hard to get. We know first-hand how much support is needed,” says Bernard. “Queen’s and the sport of sailing have provided all of us with a lot of opportunity, and we want to give back.” Read more about their story and contribution here.

Challenges Ahead

We have many challenges ahead, and we need your support. Please give to Queen's Sailing.
We have many challenges ahead, and we need your support. Please give to Queen's Sailing.

While the bigger fleet and new sails are a key parts of our improvement plan, there are still critical pieces that need funding.

Coaching: The team has an excellent coach in Robert Frost who also coaches at KYC, Ontario Sailing, and with the National Team. When not coaching for Queen’s he is the QST scout. QST needs funding to ensure Rob is able to continue coaching the team. We are also planning to be more active in the selection, purchase, and maintenance of coach boats so the KYC fleet has the boats we need, in the quantities we need as we grow.

Rob Frost was awarded the Coach of the Year Award by the Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association, for supporting the team throughout the year, continually showing concern for the team and exemplifying the best CICSA Coach of the Year.

Boats: Our entire 20-boat fleet and sails will need replacing before 2020. We also plan to purchase a coach boat by 2020. Even with KYC paying for half the boats, this will require at least $100,000 from the QST. Therefore we need to raise, on average, $20,000 per year for this item alone.

Operations: There are always the continuing costs of fleet maintenance, gas for coach boats, team travel and accommodation, and recruiting. The more contributions the team has, the less burden is placed on the students to finance these competitions, and represent Queen’s.

Please Support Queen’s Sailing

Here are some ways you can support Queen’s Sailing:

Donations: We are fundraising to meet the challenges ahead, and cover our operating costs. These funds also help lower our regatta travel costs, and maintain our sailing gear.

Reconnect: We are excited to reconnect with our amazing alumni. Please help spread the word, and encourage former friends on the team to reconnect and help. Please contact us at with suggestions and questions, and come for a visit when you are in Kingston. Let’s keep QST alive and thriving!

Also: Get the latest news on our website, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and join the LinkedIn group to reconnect and help spread the word!

THANK YOU! and Keep Supporting Queen's Sailing

Queen`s Sailing has grown dramatically, in large part due to our supporters. With a larger fleet, new sails from University Suites, and a dedicated coach we have been able to climb the leaderboards in ICSA.

But we are still a long way from restoring QST to #1 in MAISA!

QST is characterized by talented sailors, life-long friendships and support to achieve excellence. Let’s keep QST thriving!

Get Connected, Get Involved, and Help Queen's Sailing Lead The Way


Queen’s Sailing Team and Boosters


President - Alex Smyth

Vice Presidents - Claire Boileau (Regatta), Nicole Czegledy (Ops), Aaron Babier (Rec Sail)

Fundraising - Isabella Mira

Public Relations - Jonah Burke-Kleinman and Oliver Neal

Fleet Captain - Nick Schwenger

Keelboat Fleet Captain - Clifton Kartner

Fitness - Cameron Wyndham

Social Coordinators - Andrew LeRiche and Connor MacKenzie

The 2013-2014 Queen's Sailing Team

Aaron Babier (Whitby, WYC)

Alex Smyth (Barrie,BYC)

Anders Brown (Halifax, WYC)

Andrew Faurschou (Peterborough, NSC)

Andrew LeRiche ( Kingston, KYC)

Anton Tsg (Toronto, EYC)

Ben Strickland (Toronto, KYC)

Brendan Aulthouse (Belleville, KYC)

Cameron Wyndham (Collingwood, CYC)

Claire Boileau (Halifax,LYC)

Clifton Kartner (Toronto, ABYC/RCYC)

Cody Weeden (Markham/Midland, MBSC)

Connor MacKenzie (Vancouver, RVYC)

Daniel Sheedy (Toronto, QCYC)

David Kagan ( California)

Dayna Hellmann (Oakville, BHYC)

Denby McDonnell ( Vancouver, HSC)

Devon Gilbert (Whitby, WYC)

Eric Goldfarb (Toronto, IYC/RCYC)

Flurry Hogg (KYC, Calgary)

Gregory Clunies (Branchton,RCYC )

Henry Machum (Halifax, RNSYS)

Isabella Mira (Whitby, WYC)

Jack Breislin (Sydney, CYCA)

Jackie Muru (Toronto, PCYC)

Jeremy Cosso Martin (Missisauga, PCYC)

Jonah Burke-Kleinman (Toronto, Camp Arowhon)

Joy MacDonald (Waterdown, BCC)

Julia Manarin (Richmond Hill, EYC/ABYC)

Kathryn Minkhorst (Newmarket, MBSC)

Katie Comaluzier (Toronto, TWC)

Kieran James (Whitby, WYC)

Liam Wood Roberts (Guelph, SMSC)

Linor Berezin (Vaughn, ABYC)

Madi Lott (Toronto, RCYC)

Matthew Reeves ( Missisauga, KYC)

Matthew Sherar (Toronto, ABYC)

Maura Condon ( Pittsburgh, PYC)

Max Wood (Kingston, KYC)

Nick Shwenger ( Burlington, BBCC)

Nick Wright (Penetanguishene, MBSC)

Nicole Czegledy (Whitby, WYC)

Oliver Blake (Toronto, NYC)

Oliver Neal ( Conneticut, KYC)

Olivia Mew (Toronto,TWC/RCYC/QYC)

Samuel Thompson (Oakville, BHYC/OYS)

Sean Magee-Saxton (Toronto, TS&CC)

Simone Larose (Ottawa, NYC)

Stephanie Benoit (Shelburne, Vermont, LCYC)

Taylor Stubbins Penetanguishene, RNSYS)

Victoria Restivo (Hamilton, BHYC)

William Jones (Hamilton, RHYC)

Zac Baum (Toronto, IYC/RCYC)


John Curtis, Kingston, KYC

George Jackson, Kingston, CBYC

Steven Black, Kingston, KYC

Erika Vines, Kingston, KYC

Monika Dingle, Montreal (RStLYC)

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