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1 March 2012

2012 Spring North

Fourth overall

By Roby Douglas

March 31 - April 1 2012 hosted by Cornell in Ithaca, NY

A Team was composed of Matt Sullivan and Andrew Leriche.

B Team was Arielle Morgan and Roby Douglas.

After getting off to an early start Friday afternoon in our pimpin’ Tahoe, the crew arrived in Ithaca around 7:00 pm at the luxurious Meadow Court Inn.

Following a big night of studying and church prayers, we had an early night and got up early enough to hit Collegetown Bagels (CTB) for some Bronx breakfast bagels, Gatorade, and a spare dozen (which is apparently 14 in America) bagels for our regatta power food.

Too bad there was no need for power. After arriving to a glassed over lake, A Team did what A Team does best: bobbed around for 3 hours waiting for a legit race to get started. After the wind became a more consistent 2-4 knots, A Team finally got their first two races in, and the wind stayed between 2-6 knots for the remainder of the day as the race committee did an awesome job getting off a full 12 races.

Scores for Day 1 were 12-10-4-7-12-10 for A Team and 3-2-1-3-3-4 for B Team, putting Queen’s in 5th position at the end of Day 1.

After some powernaps followed by more prayers and nursery sing-alongs, the crew hit the sack at 8:00 pm to take advantage of the benefits of a full night’s sleep.

Obviously, more CTB’s were on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

After A Team somehow got their first 2 races off in the 2-3 knots of wind and rain, B Team got one race off before the wind died out completely, and the rain came on hard while we waited on the water for the wind to come back up. About an hour and a half later we got our second race off.

It was cold. Really cold.

After getting off the water around 1:40 pm, A Team hit the water with the intent of doing one more race each to round out the regatta. Sucks to be them; they ended up sitting in the rain for an hour and getting no races off. And all was good in the world.

Overall results for the regatta can be accessed on TechScore. We finished fourth overall, and needed third to qualify for America’s Trophy in two weeks. We did qualify for some other regatta that sounds fun if anyone wants to get some spring collegiate racing in, should be a riot. But not like a Fanshaw riot, that’s not cool.


Team Awesome + Sully + Newfie Frosh (just kidding, you guys can join too)

p.s. Pro Regatta Tip: April Fools prank your competitors, it’s fast.