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26 September 2011

Cool things at Merchant Marine

By Will Schwenger

As I was wandering around US Merchant Marine this weekend I noticed a few things that we could also do which I think would really help to foster a cohesive team atmosphere like the one the big american schools enjoy.

I’ve attached images to help explain what I saw.

This first thing I noticed when walking into their Sail Building (besides all the donated TP’s and Maxi’s) is that right in the front hallway they have a roster posted in a bulletin board. I was wondering would it be possible to post the QST Roster in KYC somewhere with some pictures so people would know who we are?

Inside the main team locker room on the whiteboard where everyone can see they have their Missed Practice Policy and Mission Statement. Though we probably wont be able to get as intense on missing practice until further down the road when we are a varsity team I though drafting a mission statement would be a good idea. It would be a quick and easy way to outline the expectations of QST members and to promote a team atmosphere.

Hidden in the sail shed I found all their spare Laser, FJ and 420 parts neatly organized and in one place. Would it be possible to get a similar system going at KYC so we could have a place to keep spare hull plugs, bailers, line, battons, etc and actually be able to use them when we need them?