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31 January 2011

Visioning The Future For Queen's Sailing

A high-level metting was held to plan for the future

Pivotal Meeting held January 31st 2011 at KYC

List of invitees

  • New QST Executive
  • Key members of the outgoing QST Executive
  • Members from QST classes of 2013 and 2014
  • CYA: Executive Director Paddy Boyd
  • KYC: Paul Davis, Chris Walmsley, Matt White, and Samara Crothers, Ross Cameron.
  • Alum: John Curtis, George Jackson, Steven Black
  • Observers: Graham Duke-Gibbs, R.M.C. Sailing Club Supervisor, an R.M.C. Sailing alumni supporter, and the current R.M.C. Sailing Club president (officer cadet).

General Agenda

6:30 - Opening Reception

7:00 - Introductions, Context and Overview

7:20 - Crafting a Vision for Intercollegiate Sailing in Kingston

  • What does a vibrant intercollegiate sailing scene look like?
  • In 5 or 10 years, how would a newcomer to Kingston know that it’s a vibrant, exciting scene?

8:20 - BREAK

8:40 - From Vision to Reality – Making Plans and Taking Actions

  • What are some ways and means to get there from here?

9:30 - Next Steps

9:45 - Retire to the Lounge…


Meeting convenes at 7:15 PM


(clockwise around the horseshoe)

  • George Jackson (Facilitator, Alum, ally and insider at Queen’s Athletics)
  • Arielle Morgan
  • Paul Davis (KYC Board)
  • Matt Rieve
  • John Curtis (Alum, CORK)
  • Emma Lundy (RMC)
  • Kate Thomas
  • Corbin Lott
  • Sarah Case (CYA)
  • Oliver Blake
  • Paddy Boyd (CYA Executive Director)
  • Graham Duke-Gibbs (Adult in-charge at RMC)
  • Will Schwenger
  • Ann Warner
  • Graham Hutchings
  • Liz Campbell
  • Ross Cameron (KYC Board)
  • Steven Black (Alum)
  • Regrets: Matt White (KYC Board), Samara Crothers (KYC Board)

Item 1: How to Future Proof the QST

  • Past failures, or shortcomings, are due to reliance on key people, transient Committees and Boards, year-to-year variations, etc.

Item 2: Brainstorming: What does a great scene look like 5-10 years from now

  • Generated some 60+ raw ideas, including some from RMC :-)

Item 3: Going through the ideas, sorting ‘em out

Voting Results

Multiple Selection (maximum choices = 10) (Allow bypass) – Number of ballot items: 98

Votes Idea
5 1. Creation and maintainance of a Alumni database, with active communication of what’s currently going on with the team AND what the alumni have been doing
5 2. Organizational structure, not dependant on a nucleus of people, providing perpetual sustainability of the sport
4 3. Build strong relationships , QST-CYA-KYC-OSA-RMC
3 4. Higher level events, the ablility required - fleet large enough (20 boats),
3 5. CYA promotion, through printed materials, of intercollegiate activities (success stories, rankings, regatta results, rising stars, and Collegiate-style sailing in general)
3 6. QST visibility in the Queen’s, Kingston and Canadian communities as a result of their success, promotion of the sport and contribution to the community. ie volunteering at regattas and fundraisors for local charities
3 7. Active presence of Intercollegiate teams at KYC and Portsmouth, through signs, logos, articles of clothing. Sailing team representatives on boards of Yacht clubs
3 8. KEDCO involvement - buisness connections with QST
3 9. Full time Queens Sailing Coach
2 10. Host of high caliber MAISA and ICSA events at Queen’s with the recognition of CYA and OSA
2 11. Defining experience of time at Queen’s
2 12. Student: Good parties, great sailing and a team sprit Everyone else: You see them, hear about them, your involved
2 13. Partnering with boat manufacturers, gear companies, and other sailing companies to advance the sailing community
2 14. Consistant top end results in ICSA and MAISA
2 15. Established sailor development within the teams structure. ie stepping stone from recreational and learn to sail through development to competitive racing, winning and all the glory!
2 16. sharing of resources - rmc and queens
1 17. Joint Queens-RMC hosted regattas (larger fleet, more schools to draw from)
1 18. Friendly Queens-RMC rivalry, with cooperative training, practice regattas
1 19. canadian league
1 20. alumni network: email list, coordination, events
1 21. lockers change rooms to store gear (no more carrying life jackets from class to KYC)
1 22. Presence at the Boat Show, with connections to CYA
1 23. lots of people sailing for the first time at university
1 24. QST has jumped up to be a QU Varsity TEAM
1 25. Solid financial base, sustainable team
1 26. Recruiting for QST, make Queen’s the goto place for school and sailing
1 27. full proof sustainable boat replacement program
1 28. Higher intensity in the team, stronger competitive environment
1 29. Strong relationship with MAISA and ICSA
1 30. team involved in external events
1 31. Unofficial epicenter of Canadian Collegiate Sailing
1 32. Alumni regatta organized well in advance with 4 months of notice to those who will be involved. Planned as a weekend of events to get the alumni to interact with with each other and current members of the team, rather than just a sseries of races
1 33. Year tound leadership amongst the team. coaches and Clubs
1 34. endowment fund
1 35. High school recruitment at major regattas
1 36. sailing team crests visable (break wall, kyc, in town, etc)
1 37. vibrate and integrated rec sailing team
1 38. Sailing becomes a intramural sport with tuesday thursday races/ practices with QST
1 39. Fix the weather problem: Sail till December, Flordia reading week, spring sailing. We can sail way longer each year!
1 40. Queens sailing logo somewhere outside of club house
0 41. Official QST off-season practices or practice facilities in Florida
0 42. Sailx team
0 43. Sailing Simulators Regatta
0 44. Solid coaching
0 45. Queens involved in team racing Queens to represent Canada in the Team racing worlds!
0 46. Involve the Queenès Mostly Autonomus Sail Boat Team
0 49. varsity team status
0 50. Its not to early in april, if you do it safely
0 51. Make KYC the meeting point for previous ansd present QST sailors
0 52. Annual sailing symposiums to look at the latest technology and training techniques
0 53. Annual Pro-Am regatta between schools
0 54. Look at way of the extending the season
0 55. Understanding what it takes to become a great sailor, and athlete
0 56. high school recruiting
0 57. Come to KYC speaker series
0 58. more types of sailing on the waterfront: singlehanded, doublehanded, keelboat racing, team racing etc
0 59. developing KYC dining room to make it the place to eat in kingston (use money to fund sailing)
0 60. solution to transportation problem (DND vehicle)
0 61. traveling recruiting officer for queens sailing
0 62. 5th annual Corbin Lott Trophy regatta
0 63. Mentoring other sailing communities or post secondary institutions to maximize their communitys involvement in Intercollegiate sailing
0 64. Mentorship program with high schools
0 65. lots of boats
0 66. lots of people
0 67. lots of regattas
0 68. colllegiate sailing centre
0 69. things to do on shore
0 70. places to conviene on shore
0 71. many types of boats: kites, boats
0 72. students with sailing clothing team jackets


Ways and means to have the QST podium in a 2015 intersectional regatta, hosted HERE

Thinking is, if we can get this big goal together, it means that a bunch of other smaller goals have necessarily also come together.

  • Making it happen
  • Generated a ton of ideas related to this
  • Turns out, oh, DND has a bunch of 420’s here in Kingston
  • Great point by Graham Hutchings about nothing being really possible without solid more solid links between QST and KYC.
  • Condensed group needs to get together again soon to work on specific items.